My work, very largely influenced by Japanese visual culture, often involves finding or creating alternative means for which to communicate and express one’s self, frequently making use of shape and pattern to do so. This work includes a number of disciplines such as graphic design, illustration, photography and video/motion graphics. While generally having an affinity for typography and print design (most especially, book design), my work as of late has also committed to a range of fields on the more digital side of things, in particular, variable font design, sound production, digital publication and animation.

Anglia Ruskin University – BA Graphic Design | Cambridge, UK
Anglia Ruskin University – MA Graphic Design & Typography | Cambridge, UK

Collective Exhibitions
CAST – Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art | 2019 – Cambridge, UK
Tomorrow's People: Break Free – The Hospital Club London | 2017 – London, UK
The Bee's Knees – Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art | 2017 – Cambridge, UK
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